To read with the hands
This series explores the relationship between gazing and reading, between a moving image and a still image. Each piece collects 180 photos taken in bursts for later animation and we can see the arrangement of these images in their progression towards movement, even when they are still. One next to the other, they make a path in which it is possible to see the exact moment of the change in the shot, caused by the movement of the filmed object – a book, a hand, a page that is turned to see the next.

The stabilized image at a point of change, the movement made object, the linear reading becoming circular, are the subjects of this work.

Digital photography | 50 x 80 cm.



The song of janus
There is an outdated conversation that occurs in the literature of different times, voices that speak and answer each other over time, like echoes, or like the responses we rehearse for a ghost.
On one hand, Louise May Alcott, the author of Little Women. On the other, Walter Benjamin, delving into the ruins of the nineteenth century, to understand the forms of the twentieth century. Over there Goethe’s Young Werther, here Marguerite Duras and her soliloquies on writing; the memory exercises of Georges Perec, and the pure present of Clarice Lispector.
We write when we read, we read when we look, and we also hear the voice of a text, mixed with our own voice. When touching two images or two texts, or an image and a word, sometimes sparks fly, creating a new thing. That line of friction, sometimes almost imperceptible or as thin as the edge of a sheet of paper, is Janus’ territory.

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This series taken in the Pampean plain of the province of Córdoba is always in relation to the frame of a vehicle: the windows of the car or the bus are the mediators in the experience of a territory that is traditionally conceived only as the middle between a point and other. The pampa has always been treated, by art and literature, as an empty region, without beauty, monotonous and uniform. On the contrary, these photos, taken on different trips along the same stretch of Route 9, want to give an account of an amorous look on that landscape.

Analog photography, variable sizes.