Fotografía por Catalina Bartolomé, 2020.

Leticia Obeid was born in Córdoba in 1975.

She lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Received a degree in painting at the School of Arts of the National University of Córdoba in 2001. In parallel, she worked at the Emilio Caraffa Provincial Museum of Fine Arts where she researched works from the collection and carried out a didactic program called The work of the month. This training was an introduction to writing about art, a practice she never abandoned.

Around 2001 she began to use video in her production and soon it became a predominant medium in her practice. Between 2003 and 2004 she had a scholarship for improvement for this from the Antorchas Foundation.

In 2004 she moved to Buenos Aires. She began working at the Buenos Aires City Theater Complex, first at the San Martín Theater and then at the Sarmiento Theater, where she carried out a project to document the works performed within the framework of the documentary theater cycle called Biodrama. In 2010, she obtained the fist prize for the New Narrators Contest at the Centro Cultural Rojas, University of Buenos Aires. Since then she has published a book of short stories, two novels, a book about her visual work and has participated in various anthologies and publications.

Her work unfolds in a diverse territory where language, words and their relationship with image are always present. Memory, idioms, languages, translations between different worlds, communication problems, the impact of reading on the perception of reality, the most primary action of writing and its material trace, are some of the themes that appear again and again.