Casa 13 and Galería Cinerama | Córdoba.

Curator: Carina Cagnolo.

23 blocks was an exhibition that took place in two simultaneous places: in Casa 13 * and in a commercial premises of the Cinerama Passage, in the center of the City of Córdoba, twelve and a half blocks away between them. A set of objects made with the remains of fabric discarded by a sewing workshop, as they came off the cutting table, with minimal interventions, constituted the subject of this experiment on the characteristics of the merchandise and its relationship to the context. At one pole of the experience was the space of art, delimited as such; in the other, the open, indeterminate urban space. The Cinerama passage, named after the homonymous cinema that used to have a 3,600 screen at its Golden time, was a meeting place of social and commercial life between the 60s and 80s. With the creation of the first mall in the city began the process of decay of these typical galleries of the cordovan center that slowly turned into residual spaces in the city, image of the progress of another era.

* At Casa 13 the show was the final work of Laura del Barco and Leticia El Halli Obeid at the School of Arts of the National University of Córdoba, in July 2001.