In Bajo sus pies, the narrator returns to her hometown to mourn the death of her mother and take over the administration of the family land, both a challenge and the fulfillment of a mandate. The pampas and the agricultural industry; the fallow, the sowing and the harvest; the series and movies that she watches to evade reality, all is mixed in a story that is the story of a mother, a daughter and a family but also a novel about the current pampas and the complex and fascinating destiny of Argentina.


Obeid, Leticia

Bajo sus pies. – 1st ed. – Buenos Aires : Blatt & Ríos, 2020.

248 p. ; 18×13 cm. 
ISBN 978-987-4941-61-9
1. Novel. 2. Contemporary Argentine Narrative. I. Title. CDD A863 

© 2020, Leticia Obeid © 2020, Blatt & Ríos 

Cover design: Iñaki Jankowski on photographs by Christopher Bisman