SOLO SHOW | Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires (MACBA) | August – October

Curator: Teresa Riccardi

This exhibition was named after the main video of the exhibition, a piece that superimposes two layers of the same film, The Philadelphia story, by George Cukor (1940) in its original version in English and in its version dubbed into Spanish. A slight offset between the two generates a kind of ghost in the image, residue and point of intersection at the same time. In this sample, the video was installed in the space by sectorizing the areas of each language, so the film could be watched in English or Spanish according to the location in the room. A second video, Jano & Marcel, revisits Duchamp’s work, Étant Donnés (1946-1966). The other axis of the exhibition was the series of photos El canto de Jano, which establishes dialogues and connections between texts and authors, genres and times.