MALBA | March – July.

Curator: Lux Lindner

Work: The letter of B, 2012. Ink on paper

31: The opposite of magic
The exhibition proposes an approach to the recent production of artists whose work processes are far from the ease and promises of immediacy of magic, and are more linked to the patience and decomposition of the scientific method. The approaches are as varied as the artistic journey of each one, although a predominance of drawing has been sought.

“Unlike other artists in this exhibition, Leticia Obeid, a person to whom all expressive spontaneity is extraordinarily suspicious, is oriented towards soft, sociological science. It was not always like that. When she gathered stones offered by the Pampa Gringa, which were not Many, I wanted to be a geologist, and this perhaps led to a geology of sociology. (Geology was also the preferred science of Lévi-Strauss, another ousted by Reynoso… who is left without a tuco stain at this point?). For the purposes of our sample, the result is drawings that Obeid makes with a cold and heartless strategy: to copy the handwriting of the copy theorist, Walter Benjamin “.

“There is a word, once widely used to deal with bearded sages, that often comes to mind when it comes to Obeid, and it is acrimonious, the pursuit of extreme precision, without sparing the burden if necessary. His exposure device It makes one think more of the naturalist’s cabinet than of the supplier of eye candy to galleries. “

Lux lindner



Héctor Meana, Aimé Pastorino, Eduardo Santiere, Julián Terán, Leticia Obeid, Nuna Mangiante, Pablo La Padula, Rodolfo Marqués, Julián D’Angiolillo .