Travel chronicles anthology.

“What do we do when we travel? We always check something, ”says Proust. Is there the voice that I hear in the chronicle? I do not know, but it is the voice that proves that the lost body was there in the space-time of the trip. In the turn there are signs that resonate. Write and read in the thought forest of the world. The visitors, unconscious chroniclers, immerse themselves sensually and perceptually, inhabit the mystery of things, fearlessly going in and out in circles. “

Belén Rivero Ríos


Alejandra Baldovin, Sonia Budassi, Washington Cucurto, Cuqui, Leticia El Halli Obeid, Elvio Gandolfo, Candelaria Jaimez, Pedro Lemebel, Marcos López, Santiago Olagaray, Sol Pereyra, Damián Ríos, Hernán Tejerina, Hebe Uhart.

Caballo Negro Editora, Córdoba, 2011.

ISBN: 978-987-24936-6-0

220 págs.