“It must be said bluntly and at once: this new book by Leticia Obeid can be read fluently, with sustained enjoyment and without any drop in interest, practically non-stop and from end to end. But, in addition, Obeid’s writing inspires confidence, which is not a literary assessment – in which case it would be an overly subjective, impressionistic judgment – nor the willful whim of a reader with easy fascination. There is a vital honesty that is breathed in the text, from which an immediate feeling of naturalness, of domestic simplicity emanates; something that is not, eventually, only in the contents or in some conjectural spirituality of the author, but in the very matter of a writing that becomes credible and palpable almost to the touch, like a precious illuminated physical object, beyond the fictional truths or lies, confessions, true anecdotes or fantasies, which are also there. “

Eduardo Stupia


Preparación para el amor. 

Córdoba : Caballo Negro Editora, 2015.

288 p. ; 20×14 cm.

Narrative collection

Design: Gonzalo Peralta / Guillermo Barbero 

Cover photo: Leticia Obeid 

ISBN 978-987-3612-11-4