“It is known that it is the first book by Leticia Obeid. A long story that narrates Elena’s adventures: after a hangover party in Buenos Aires, she takes a bus to her hometown. The plan is to stay a few days, perhaps to recover emotionally. But a mother, a dog, relatives, friends from adolescence and the town, everything seems to conspire so that Elena does not leave. Ravaged by a drought and with the threat of a storm that does not finish unleashing, the town weaves its webs. Precious descriptions, funny scenes, prose sensitive to the rhythms of speech and the senses on a journey to the center of the soul that, in the case of exiles, it is known, remains in the middle of the birthplace”.

Blatt & Rios, 2012


1st ed. – Buenos Aires : Blatt & Ríos, 2012.

Ebook ISBN 978-987-28565-0-2

1. Argentine Narrative 2. Stories I. Title

CDD A863

Cover design: Leticia Obeid y Julia Masvernat

Cover image: Leticia Obeid

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