Practical tasks
Aída Carballo (1916-1985) was a fundamental Argentine artist. This video takes as a starting point a series of personal documents of the artist that show her activity in the local and international environment, her teaching work, some study notes, bureaucratic procedures. In the latter you can see the evolution of her signature, from childhood to adulthood and creative maturity, when her name began to be part of her work. In this work, the tracing of her manuscripts becomes a form of proximity and an attempt to repeat an alien gesture that is never achieved.


Duration: 10:40 minutes

Photographic documentation: Luci Laumann.

Camera, action and editing: Leticia Obeid.

Color correction: Sol Miraglia.

Sound post-production: Luis El Halli Obeid

Made for the exhibition: Transformation. The overflow graph. Engraving Museum, National House of the Bicentennial, February-July 2021. Curators: Silvia Dolinko y Cristina Blanco

Museo del grabado