Premio Petrobrás | ArteBa, Buenos Aires 2006.

Project selected and produced for the Petrobrás-ArteBa Prize, Buenos Aires 2006.

A curve so giant it seems straight
The work consisted of a video and a publication that reconstructed the history of the Araus combine harvester factory, which existed in the town of Noetinger, province of Córdoba since the late 1940s, and which went through all the typical economic vicissitudes in Argentine industry until its sale, in the 90’s, to a multinational company. The video mixes material filmed during a soybean harvest in the Pampas plains in 2006, with Super 8 footage from the factory’s archive.

The art fair takes place in one of the pavilions of Rural Fair of Palermo, in Buenos Aires, a fact that gave rise to the idea of ​​working with this topic in the first place. In a way, the work investigated those connections between space, history, the economy and, in particular, the effect of globalization on our perception of scale: the big, the small, according to the point of view and the position in space.