Monographic book on some visual works of Leticia Obeid and their relationship with writing. Back cover:

“Thinks then that if everything were in its place, that if the center were the center, occupied by the center, the main matter, and outside the garlands, fruits and small threads, everything in its place, then it would be easier to write. There will no longer be as many doubts as there are plains interposed between the moment and the keyboard, between the fingers and a pen, between her horizontal body and her seating body, diligent, with downcast eyes as if making a protective tent betweenher body and the world, and then everything would become unitary and ordered. The plenitude would dislodge all those remains of things, of time, of memories and minutiae, the small and infallible fissures that wrinkle the edges and little by little begin to encompass the center. “


Obeid, Leticia

Escribir, leer, escuchar. – 1st ed. – Buenos Aires : Blatt & Ríos, 2015. 

120 p. ; 21×15 cm.
Texto principal: Federico Baeza

Interview by Alejandro Cesarco

Design: Nacho Jankowski 

Translation by: Liv Schulman.

ISBN 978-987-3616-51-8
1. Argentine Contemporary Art. I. Schulman, Liv, trans. II. Qualification. CDD 708 

This project had the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.