Casa 13 | Córdoba, Argentina | October – November.

Curator: José Pizarro

Music is a series of works that attempts to explore the tension between inventory and memory. In it, the lists seem to give an objective framework to the experience of hearing, remembering and repeating the texts and sounds learned as part of a collective sentimental education. The lyrics of beloved songs are replaced by symbols, little boxes, which try to capture the unspeakable. The color red, which connotes the emotional, the loving, the blood, is used here in a mildly ironic sense to standardize an emotionality that contrasts with the coldness of the inventory. Drawings, objects, home photos that rescue some adolescent scenes, songs recorded in karaoke, make up this kind of fragmentary and nostalgic self-portrait.

The exhibition was installed at Casa 13, Córdoba, between October 29 and November 12, 1999, curated by José Pizarro.


All is full of love, Björk

Heart remains a child, Everything but the girl

La montaña, L.A. Spinetta