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In Bajo sus pies, the narrator returns to her hometown to mourn the death of her mother and take over the administration of the family land, both a challenge and the fulfillment of a mandate. The pampas and the agricultural industry; the fallow, the sowing and the harvest; the series and movies that she watches to evade reality, all is mixed in a story that is the story of a mother, a daughter and a family but also a novel about the current pampas and the complex and fascinating destiny of Argentina.


Obeid, Leticia

Bajo sus pies. – 1st ed. – Buenos Aires : Blatt & Ríos, 2020.

248 p. ; 18×13 cm. 
ISBN 978-987-4941-61-9
1. Novel. 2. Contemporary Argentine Narrative. I. Title. CDD A863 

© 2020, Leticia Obeid © 2020, Blatt & Ríos 

Cover design: Iñaki Jankowski on photographs by Christopher Bisman 




Preparação para o amor is a diary, a travel chronicle, an amour fou novel, a notebook, all at the same time. Edited as an object where two parallel stories coexist – an intimate diary on the odd pages and the footnotes on the even pages – the text covers the theme of love as an object of study that escapes its own protagonists, constructing an amorous soliloquy addressed to the absent loved one and a handful of reflections on the experience of love with its gender issues, its cultural, class, and origins barriers.


Obeid, Leticia

Preparação para o amor

Originally published in Spanish as Preparación para el amor.

Translation: Renato Tapado 

Publisher: Par(ent)esis

Editorial coordination: Gabi Bresola y Regina Melim 

Graphic project: Pedro Franz 

Printed in Gráfica Cinelândia, Santa Catarina, Brazil, 2019. 




“It must be said bluntly and at once: this new book by Leticia Obeid can be read fluently, with sustained enjoyment and without any drop in interest, practically non-stop and from end to end. But, in addition, Obeid’s writing inspires confidence, which is not a literary assessment – in which case it would be an overly subjective, impressionistic judgment – nor the willful whim of a reader with easy fascination. There is a vital honesty that is breathed in the text, from which an immediate feeling of naturalness, of domestic simplicity emanates; something that is not, eventually, only in the contents or in some conjectural spirituality of the author, but in the very matter of a writing that becomes credible and palpable almost to the touch, like a precious illuminated physical object, beyond the fictional truths or lies, confessions, true anecdotes or fantasies, which are also there. “

Eduardo Stupia


Preparación para el amor. 

Córdoba : Caballo Negro Editora, 2015.

288 p. ; 20×14 cm.

Narrative collection

Design: Gonzalo Peralta / Guillermo Barbero 

Cover photo: Leticia Obeid 

ISBN 978-987-3612-11-4 




Monographic book on some visual works of Leticia Obeid and their relationship with writing. Back cover:

“Thinks then that if everything were in its place, that if the center were the center, occupied by the center, the main matter, and outside the garlands, fruits and small threads, everything in its place, then it would be easier to write. There will no longer be as many doubts as there are plains interposed between the moment and the keyboard, between the fingers and a pen, between her horizontal body and her seating body, diligent, with downcast eyes as if making a protective tent betweenher body and the world, and then everything would become unitary and ordered. The plenitude would dislodge all those remains of things, of time, of memories and minutiae, the small and infallible fissures that wrinkle the edges and little by little begin to encompass the center. “


Obeid, Leticia

Escribir, leer, escuchar. – 1st ed. – Buenos Aires : Blatt & Ríos, 2015. 

120 p. ; 21×15 cm.
Texto principal: Federico Baeza

Interview by Alejandro Cesarco

Design: Nacho Jankowski 

Translation by: Liv Schulman.

ISBN 978-987-3616-51-8
1. Argentine Contemporary Art. I. Schulman, Liv, trans. II. Qualification. CDD 708 

This project had the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.




“Following the autobiographical Benjamin that Sontag visits in Under the sign of Saturn, here time becomes space and Frente, perfil y llanura traces the cartography of a sensibility. In this journey to the geographical interior and to the interior of Elena, the story breaks all chronological continuity, but in these disruptions it maintains simultaneity. It is not a linear path or the mere superimposition of a character in an environment, nor is it the chronological succession of memories or the static contemplation of the past. There is a concern for accurately registering the streets, the paths, the traps, the landmarks, the sentimental constitution inscribed in the landscape. “

Alejandra Baldovin 


Frente, perfil y llanura. – 1st ed. – Córdoba : caballo negro editora, 2013. 

150 p. ; 20 x 14 cm. ISBN 978-987-29176-1-6 

1. Argentine Narrative. I. Title CDD A863 

Cataloging date: 13/06/2013 

caballo negro editora 

Design: Gonzalo Peralta / Guillermo Barbero
Cover art: Belén Rivero Ríos 

© 2013 caballo negro editora © 2013 Leticia Obeid 

ISBN 978-987-29176-1-6 



“It is known that it is the first book by Leticia Obeid. A long story that narrates Elena’s adventures: after a hangover party in Buenos Aires, she takes a bus to her hometown. The plan is to stay a few days, perhaps to recover emotionally. But a mother, a dog, relatives, friends from adolescence and the town, everything seems to conspire so that Elena does not leave. Ravaged by a drought and with the threat of a storm that does not finish unleashing, the town weaves its webs. Precious descriptions, funny scenes, prose sensitive to the rhythms of speech and the senses on a journey to the center of the soul that, in the case of exiles, it is known, remains in the middle of the birthplace”.

Blatt & Rios, 2012


1st ed. – Buenos Aires : Blatt & Ríos, 2012.

Ebook ISBN 978-987-28565-0-2

1. Argentine Narrative 2. Stories I. Title

CDD A863

Cover design: Leticia Obeid y Julia Masvernat

Cover image: Leticia Obeid

© 2012 Leticia Obeid



Travel chronicles anthology.

“What do we do when we travel? We always check something, ”says Proust. Is there the voice that I hear in the chronicle? I do not know, but it is the voice that proves that the lost body was there in the space-time of the trip. In the turn there are signs that resonate. Write and read in the thought forest of the world. The visitors, unconscious chroniclers, immerse themselves sensually and perceptually, inhabit the mystery of things, fearlessly going in and out in circles. “

Belén Rivero Ríos


Alejandra Baldovin, Sonia Budassi, Washington Cucurto, Cuqui, Leticia El Halli Obeid, Elvio Gandolfo, Candelaria Jaimez, Pedro Lemebel, Marcos López, Santiago Olagaray, Sol Pereyra, Damián Ríos, Hernán Tejerina, Hebe Uhart.

Caballo Negro Editora, Córdoba, 2011.

ISBN: 978-987-24936-6-0

220 págs.



Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center.

Leticia El Halli Obeid (1st prize); Juan Maisonnave (2nd prize); Laura Gruppo (· er prize); Thomas V. Richards; Facundo Gerez; Fernando Krapp; Alfredo Staffolani; Natan Ariel Rajchenberg; Cecilia Boullosa; Marina Jurberg.


Jury: Laura Isola, Federico Jeanmaire, Mariana Enríquez

Libros del Rojas, 2010.

108 p.; 23 x 15 cm. (Narrative)

ISBN 978-987-1075-89-8

University of Buenos Aires, Secretariat of University and Student Extension